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As the world is grappling with coronavirus threat, other health crises are looming over the most vulnerable groups.  More than others, seniors have to follow stringent social distancing norms as well as additional safety rules. For seniors, this means less family time, no more outdoor activities. In this time of isolation and anxiety, senior mental health issues are rising.  

Having good mental health is crucial at times, like the pandemic. A balanced mind enables us to fight off stress, anxiety, depression, and recover from emotional turmoil. It’s a well-established fact that depression, isolation, and loneliness can affect our mental stability. Additionally, isolation and lack of social interaction have a greater impact on your thinking ability and memory. It’s essential to keep seniors mentally stimulated as they are the most susceptible to both coronavirus and mental health issues.

During this tough time, we must help seniors stay mentally and socially motivated without exposing them to the virus. Technology has brought plenty of ways through which keeping a check on the mental health of seniors has become convenient. However, since most seniors are still reluctant to use technology, it can be challenging for caregivers to incorporate technology into caregiving. Senior tablets are some of the tools that can help you assist seniors and keep them mentally alert and stress-free.

Learning to use tablets for seniors is easy and fun. There are several tablets to choose from that offer easy user-interface and plenty of apps for mental fitness. One finest example of tablets for seniors is the Birdsong tablet. The tablet is loaded with features that enable seniors to stay connected with their family and friends and stay entertained while in isolation. The Birdsong tablet reviews are filled with testimonials from users who are making the best use of the device.

Let’s look into some ways technology help seniors stay mentally fit during isolation.

Social Media: Internet technology is the most significant innovation that has reformed information and communication. The internet has made way for social networking by creating a virtual space for interaction, communication, and idea-sharing. Seniors can find new acquaintances on social media, rekindle with lost friends, or simply check on their grandchildren. A tablet designed for seniors come with internet browser through which seniors can get on social media and spend time interacting with people without exposing to the risk of infection.

Video calling: Most standard tablets and other communication devices come with video and audio calling facility. Video calling is a fun way to connect with family members and caregivers and watch them. Seniors feel reassured watching their children and grandchildren during the lockdown.

Video games: Games play a significant role in enhancing the mental strength of seniors. Games keep seniors entertained while distracting their minds from stress-triggers and depression. Online games are the best option for seniors, as it also facilitates social distancing and isolation. Devices like tablets and smartphones can be converted into videogame console. From jigsaw puzzles to chess, word games to card games, there are plenty of online games to choose from. Online video games also act as a platform to connect with other players and stay motivated through the tough time.

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